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Producer's Note

It is not every day a Theatre Producer gets the opportunity to stage a new musical but sometimes fate steps in. In my case it was not once, but three times.

Every Single Saturday started as a short 10 minute piece 4 years ago. It was presented as part of the inaugural Short Sweet and Song Festival held at the Parade Playhouse at NIDA which I was managing at the time. There were some great pieces in that show. I remembered the title song but soon forgot about ‘Little Mirrors’ as it was known then, as one show pushed aside the previous one from my mind. Opportunity number one missed. However, as fate would have it, I sat in on a subsequent workshop of the expanded 80 minute piece at NIDA a year later and was very moved. I brushed away a tear as I was drawn into the world of ‘father/son’ relationships, of adults ‘not knowing where they are going’ and their strive to be extraordinary when actually a kid might just want them to be ‘ordinary’. I felt the show really spoke a universal language and could have broad appeal. Opportunity number two. I encouraged Jo to come back to NIDA with the show fully-realised which is what she did.

With four actors and a piano, no set and
Op-shop costumes, Jo directed a great little show that generated wonderful audience response andgarnered wonderful reviews. The next step was to develop it for larger venues. But how? Opportunity number three. Margot Woodward at Glen Street Theatre offered to purchase the show for her 2012 Subscription Season so that was the catalyst I needed for this new version.

A lot of love, sweat and tears have since gone into producing the performance you are about to witness tonight. A wonderful new cast and creative team have been assembled and the book, lyrics and music have been cut, shoved, stretched and tossed (a bit like a sideline skirmish really) to give you what I am proud to say is a truly refreshing new home-grown musical.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed the whole creative and business aspects of ‘putting on a show’. I also hope, like me, you become a big fan of ESS and spread the word around the world!

Les Curry

Writer/Composer's Note

In an ideal world, Every Single Saturday would have risen fully formed from the inspiration of a chilly soccer morning. I was a soccer mum for many years, supportive, yet bewildered and rather cold. However, like any new musical, (a concept which sends weaker producers screaming into the woods,) there is a substantial history of development behind Every Single Saturday.

It began as a ten minute musical in the Short Sweet and Song festival in 2007. The audience responded to the Australian content and the recognizable inner life of the characters. My mission in art is to musically reflect the environment I live in, so in 2008 during a cold and jobless winter I wrote it up into a two act musical called ‘Little Mirrors.’ It might have stopped there, but mercifully I received a grant from the Australia Council to run a creative development workshop which I did in 2009 with a bold and talented team. During this workshop the piece was renamed Every Single Saturday (after the song of the same name) and the story and solos were refined.

Finally, with a largely new cast, the first ( acoustic) performance showed at Tuggeranong Arts Centre in the ACT in 2010 where again it received wonderful responses from critics and audience alike. ‘Fresh’ seemed to be the main buzz word with the exception of one elderly patron who thought ‘the grass should have been real.’ Taking this constructive criticism on board, we forged ahead. With the help of ardent friends and investment angels, I brought the production to NIDA in September where I directed a three week run on a shoestring budget with no set, band or designer. Les Currie was the venue manager at NIDA during this time and he responded passionately to the subject matter and subsequently chose to produce the current season. The advent of Les meant that I could focus on the script, which I did in 2011. Lisa Freshwater our wonderful director was instrumental in guiding the latest version, during which the production gained a new beginning, new end, two duets and a new solo. The result is what you see, five years in the making, and hopefully still inspiring useful and unpretentious little adjectives like ‘Fresh”.

Joanna Weinberg

Director's Note

Saturdays were for ballet when I was young. Being a child, I was pre-occupied with plies and pirouettes and the enduring friendships I made through the mutual love of this activity. But I also remember, drifting behind the scenes, the friendships, support and unspoken competition between the parents. It’s these ordinary parents this story is about; ordinary parents across generations, all over the world who give up their Saturdays for the endeavors of their children; ordinary parents my friends and I have now become.

A new Australian musical is a rare thing and it’s testament to Joanna for conceiving, wrestling with and re-sculpting the story and music over the past 5 years, Les for taking the brave step to further develop and produce it, the creative team who’ve formed, shaped, touched and added truth to the vision and the wonderful cast who have brought to life, Carlo, Sandy, Liz and Neil.


Lisa Freshwater

Best Weekend Article - Daily Telegraph January 21 2012

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