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Very enjoyable and entertaining. It worked well in its own simplicity - minimal props and piano. That would make it very transportable as its stands or it could be scaled up if required. The actors were excellent in their parts.
Grant Sheldon, Northbridge Football Club

Great ideas… witty and clever dialogue.
– Kerry Comerford, The Really Useful Company

Four strong story lines and hope for each character at the end - so the audience goes away feeling good
Maggy Franklin 

I really enjoyed Every Single Saturday. It’s not only for the soccer world but rugby, swimming .... we have all been there!
– Helen Kohlhagen, Phoenix Theatre Co.

The ‘opera’ sequence was hilarious - I think the French should be the villains… but then I'm English! Characters were strong and believable. I loved the way that one grew to understand and forgive them.
– Delia Rothnie Jones

I thought the songs were terrific - every one of the characters has a great solo song about where they're coming from.
– Andrew Threlfall, Ricochet Productions

“I recognised every single one of those characters from soccer!”
– Helen Herz, long-time soccer mum 

Current Production

Energetic dancing, some catchy tunes and a feel good storyline.
Sydney Arts Guide

Nice tunes, more than a few laughs and the odd tug on the heart strings. It could roll on and on, to more fields of dreams.
- Stage Whispers

Kicking goals **** (Four Stars)
Sydney Morning Herald 18 Feb 2012

A delight – Stage Whispers 17 Feb 2012

2010 Production : From the Critics

Strong [solo] moments from the cast, great quartets, wonderful ensemble pieces... An astutely observed slice of life and commentary on parenthood, our hopes for ourselves and our progeny.
- Daily Telegraph

A feel-good and entertaining night at the theatre. The cast, all in good voice, were in top form. Heartily recommended for parents and kids alike. - Sydney Arts Guide Online

Refreshing, topical, new and entertaining – Canberra Times

A richly rewarding and entertaining treat – Australian Stage

Funny, moving…the end was hysterical. – Stage Whispers

Every Single Saturday is an engaging, comic yet touching story of human relationships played against a colourful sporting background. It is enjoyable theatre, wonderful music and highly recommended for all sorts of audiencse: kids, adults, grandparents, sports-lovers – indeed, for audiences as varied as its characters! - Arts Hub

There's plenty of excitement, tension, heart-felt moments and laughter in Every Single Saturday, which is helped along by great songs beautifully performed by the cast... Make no mistake, Every Single Saturday is polished and professional... Whether you're a football mum or dad or just after an enjoyable night of musical theatre, Every Single Saturday is a winner.
- Australian Jewish News

2010 Production : From the Fans

A very rewarding experience. The stories, the fast pace, the quick witted and humorous dialogue, the musical score, the entertaining physicality and choreography. Every aspect superbly crafted.

We enjoyed the show a lot. It brought back a lot of embarrassing memories….very comical, and deeply musical! 

Loved the show, I started crying after ‘Ordinary’ and simply cried for the rest of the piece. It really touched me.

Very clever with the concept, story line and songs. I was caught from the moment they were driving to a new field. I can't tell you the number of times I have felt exactly the same way!

Terrific. We were quite swept along - it surely helped having 10 years of soccer Sundays, but that wouldn't have been enough, had the songs and the characters not been so rich. I loved the way you had each of the characters as outsiders at different times, then coming into their own.

We loved the story and the music (still humming tunes in the car going home).  We both came away feeling light and happy and felt we had not only, actually liked all the characters, but also identified with them.  That doesn’t happen often these days! You even gave us a love story.  Loved the acting and the casting was excellent.

How only too clearly it all came back to me!  Waiting and freezing in the car while my dinner was boiling over at home, every bloody Tuesday for soccer practices at Lindfield Oval – no ipods or iphones to pass the time. Those awful early Saturday mornings driving to God-bloody-forsaken areas (long before Tom Tom or Navman).   Taking home baskets of smelly muddy shirts to wash.   The screeching parents, the fashion-plates - the dags - all of whom I disliked.  On top of it all then and to this day I did not care and had not the slightest idea what was going on, on the field.  There was my ex, endlessly banging on about the bloody incompetence of the coach and the ref  - as if he could do better! Finally as a reward I got to put on the shelf a schmonzy gilded plastic trophy that I had to pay.

From the Test Audiences

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