Every Single Saturday



The Background

Every Single Saturday started life as "Little Mirrors" at the Short Sweet+Song 10-minute musical theatre festival held at the Parade Playhouse, NIDA in 2008. The audience responded to the Australian content and the recognizable inner life of the characters.
Writer and composer Joanna Weinberg , encouraged by theatre publicist and football 'tragic' Geoff Sirmai ,then extended her show into a full-length musical.

In May 2009, supported by a generous Australia Council development grant, she assembled a top notch cast and crew who workshopped the script and score for four weeks - until it was fit and fast enough to take the 'field'! During this workshop the piece was renamed Every Single Saturday (after the song of the same name) and the story and solos were refined. The show was performed as a work-in-progress at the Parade Studio, NIDA before an audience of theatre professionals, venue managers, producers, football players, fans and – most especially - football parents! 

Finally, with a largely new cast, the first ( acoustic) performance showed at Tuggeranong Arts Centre in the ACT in 2010 where again it received wonderful responses from critics and audience alike. ‘Fresh’ seemed to be the main buzz word. With the help of ardent friends and investment angels, Joanna brought the production to the Parade Space at NIDA in September where she directed a three week run on a shoestring budget with no set, band or designer. Les Currie was Manager f the parde Theatres at NIDA during this time and he responded passionately to the subject matter and subsequently chose to produce the current season. The advent of Les meant that Joanna could focus on the script, which she did in 2011. Lisa Freshwater came on board as director and was instrumental in guiding the latest version, during which the production gained a new beginning, new end, two duets and a new solo. The result is what you see, four years in the making, and hopefully still inspiring useful and unpretentious little adjectives like ‘Fresh”.

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